Soy sauce from Mizutani Shōyu Brewery is based around the concept of “hibikorekojitsu” and produced with the aim of “making every day wonderful.”
Strictly selected ingredients are used in a traditional soy sauce brewing process that can only be performed here. Soy sauce has been a central ingredient in Japanese cooking for centuries. Our soy sauce is a craft shōyu produced using a method that countless shōyu masters have inherited over many years.

  1. Strong Soy-SauceHIBIKOREKŌJITSUStrong Soy-SauceQty.100mlJPY486
  2. Strong Soy-SauceHIBIKOREKŌJITSUStrong Soy-SauceQty.300mlJPY864
  3. Strong Soy-SauceHIBIKOREKŌJITSUStrong Soy-SauceQty.720mlJPY1,512