MIZUTANI SHŌYU BREWERY was founded in 1853 in Hinatsu, in Shiga Prefecture, a site rich in underground rivers with water perfectly suited to fermentation. Here at the Mizutani Shōyu Brewery we create all of our products, beginning with our soy sauce, with the intention of “hibikorekōjitsu.”

Mizutani Shōyu Brewery


  1. 2022.04.28Released Mizutani Shōyu Brewery's website.Released Mizutani Shōyu Brewery's website.
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  1. Strong Soy-SauceHIBIKOREKŌJITSUStrong Soy-SauceQty.100mlJPY540
  2. Strong Soy-SauceHIBIKOREKŌJITSUStrong Soy-SauceQty.300mlJPY1,026
  3. Strong Soy-SauceHIBIKOREKŌJITSUStrong Soy-SauceQty.720mlJPY1,782
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  1. Mizutani Shōyu Brewery BrochureMizutani Shōyu Brewery Brochure⬇ DOWNLOAD PDF3.4MB